Thursday, May 3, 2018

Through Each and Every Storm

The sky is blue; the breeze is warm.
The sun in splendor does shine.
But this is not how it's always been;
Things were not always fine.

A cloud, a storm, a mighty wind;
Rain and darkness deep.
A desert drear, a mountain tall;
The path so very steep.

Sometimes it's hard to comprehend
How life can change so fast,
When surrender's gained or self has won;
'Tis the story of my past.

Failure here and victory there;
Why must I change so much?
Why can't I faithful yet remain,
Beneath His gentle touch?

He loves me, true; this much I know.
Why can't I just accept it?
Let it in and let it shine;
It sounds just so simplistic.

But still I choose the darkness deep,
The storm that rages round me.
I wallow in my misery
Or sink in shame so sadly.

Yes, this has been so oft' my story,
The way I chose to live.
But by God's grace, I see His light
And love that He will give.

This year has been so full of trial,
Of pain and love gone wrong,
Of falls and failures, joys and tears,
And of surrender's song.

It may sound bad and truly misery.
You may think I'd complain.
Although I've done this plenty times,
No longer it remains.

I praise my God, and from my heart
Give thanks for all this pain.
For in this darkness I have found
A blessing in the rain.

You might ask why or how or what?
How can this storm be blessed?
How can you thank Him for the heartache,
The lack of peace and rest?

Now here, please listen; pay me heed.
Although still young I am,
I truly know from whence I speak.
I've seen God's mighty hand.

Without this storm, I would not grow;
Would not trust Him today
Like I have never trusted before.
Oh, what more can I say?

He's shown His love and long-suffering;
I've seen it through this storm.
Without it, tell me where I'd be?
Still lost and hurting, torn.

This week I've surrendered more fully again.
My joy now knows no bounds!
I'm free. I'm resting in His love,
Such on this earth not found.

No matter what He brings me through,
I know His will is best.
He's promised to be with me,
And He will give me rest.

So, friend, just praise Him for your pain,
For trials on every morn.
And know that His hand always holds you
Through each and every storm.