Monday, January 12, 2015

God Will Take Care of You-Through Every Day, O'er All the Way...

  We nearly lost two of our precious teachers today.... Praise God for His protection!!!

  I was walking up to the Steck's house after vocational classes and noticed as I neared the stairs that Mrs. Steck's shoes were at the bottom. That is strange, I thought to myself. Mrs. Steck and Saw Di Yay went to Mae Sot today to take a patient to the hospital. As I walked up the stairs, I looked up and simultaneously heard Saw Di Yay saying, "Good afternoon, Teacher." What is he doing here? Then I saw Mrs. Steck laying on the porch behind Saw Di Yay. Now I was very confused. What were they doing there on the porch? Saw Di Yay then asked me, "Teacher, you know what be to us?" Huh? What is he talking about? I wasn't confused for long. Mrs. Steck looked up at me and said, "She doesn't look like she knows. I fell asleep at the wheel." My heart nearly stopped and I was in shock for a while. "I totaled the truck," she said next.
  Saw Di Yay pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of the truck - upside down. They proceeded to tell me how she had fallen asleep on their way home from Mae Sot. Mrs. Steck guessed that she drove on the road for about a kilometer before they wrecked. Saw Di Yay saw them going off the road and shouted to Mrs. Steck, but she did not hear. They were going quite fast. He remembers hitting a cement post, then headed for a big tree, not quite head-on, but he doesn't remember anything after that. The next thing they knew, they were upside down in the truck. Mrs. Steck unbuckled and easily slid out the truck window. The truck was totaled. There were bruises and scratches on nearly everyone and they were sore, but not a broken bone or a loss of life. They did lose some of the things they bought in Mae Sot. Another miracle was, there just happened to be an ambulance passing by
  As I sat there on the porch and listened to the miracle story, my heart overflowed with thankfulness and praises to God!! Surely angels were surrounding that truck! What love and protection! Tears threatened to escape my eyes as I pondered how close we had come to losing our dear friends and of how our Almighty God had intervened to protect His children. 
  Are you tempted to doubt God? Are you having a hard time trusting Him? Tell the devil to leave right now. Do not believe his lies any longer. We have a God who is bigger and more powerful than anything, anyone, in the whole universe. He loves you personally more than anyone else ever could. He will take care of you if you will put your trust in Him. You can know that He is fully capable of watching over you through anything that comes your way. We never know when our last day could be. Today may be the last chance you have. Tomorrow your life could end. Please choose to surrender your all to Jesus - to commit to love Him always. You will never regret it. Ever. :')